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Blood Born Pathogens 
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Title 22 
Pet First Aid
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Corporate CPR

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Who Needs CPR, First Aid, & AED Certifications: Corporations, Industry Leaders, Schools, Teachers/Staffs, Club Members, Businesses, Church Congregations, & Medical/Dental Communities.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a method coined to massage the heart organ between the sternum and the spinal. The heart may have stopped beating because of a heart attack, near drowning, poisoning, choking, or other cause. CPR is a practical skill first recorded being used by the Roman's.  The concept why we use it hasn't changed,  imperative changes to understanding form, method, and technic have changed as well as the importance of training.

Studies have shown a business that maintains regular CPR & First Aid training has significantly less loss of revenue do to employee illness and many receive benefits of lower insurance rates, saving some up to 17% annually over same businesses who don't maintain certifications. There are many different kinds of training and quality of a training can vary greatly.  We encourage you to invest your time and money the best way possible.  Using training programs that use AHA, ASHI, EMS Safety based trainings facilitated by experienced professional first responders E.R. staff, and fire fighters, like our  Way Safe instructors.
If you're required to maintain safety certifications like CPR, First Aid, AED, or BBP or you want to maintain your skills simply because it's a useful skill to maintain.
We can get your skills updated and certified in a day.

How can CPR and First Aid training benefit your team: Proven to energies and encourage teamwork,  Proven to increase safety awareness, reduce insurance rates, time off from work. Please visit our Home Page for links to 2013 research linking CPR Certification Trainings and cost savings.

CPR certifications for:
American Heart Association
EMS Safety Services 
Pet First Aid.

Who can we certify anyone requiring a two year CPR and First Aid Certification: Medical, Dental, Federal, State, & Local Agencies.

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How do CPR certification programs work.  

It's important to know that there are 1000's of CPR training programs.  99.9% use American Heart Association's  "guidelines" for CPR (life saving technique recorded being used by the Roman's) made into a commercial enterprise by the AHA in the 1960's.

With that said, anyone can learn to teach CPR and pay to align with "recognized certification programs" such as the: AHA, EMS Safety, ASHI, ARC. As of 2006 a number of people seeking secondary source of income became CPR instructor. Because they have no EMS experience, they often start out as volunteer instructors for larger market moguls like AHA etc...

This is a great opportunity for the non-experienced instructor and an even better opportunity for these marketing moguls (free or cheep labor means higher profit margins). Unfortunately, it also means the quality of a CPR class by the AHA or ARC can vary significantly.

To the credit of AHA and ARC they saw the issues related to their instructors lack of experience and generated new AHA instructor training model. That is to insist all AHA & ARC employed instructors use the watch a DVD video and practice to the DVD, skills practice and then take a 25 question exam. Could you have watched the video and taken the test at home, probably.

If your really interested in learning CPR and First Aid and enjoying a one on one instructional experience, I encourage you call Way Safe, 858-722-2421. We are professional EMS responders with 10,000's of 911 calls and 25 years of medical training behind the information and training you receive in our course.

We offer AHA certification, EMS Safety, ASHI and other programs with all the same program approvals.  We exceed OSHA required mandates and use electronic training equipment, provide a book, same day certifications.

When you call Way Safe and book a CPR class, your program will be designed with focused safety topic you choose, not what a video is limited to too.  Anticipate a competitive price, flexible scheduling (includes 3 shift).  Way Safe (858) 722-2421.

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offer the exact same certifications for less. We at Way Safe strives to be the most affordable instructors in town and will price match any written quote and take 10% off that. We want your business and will work hard to insure we exceed your expectations.

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organizations we've been pre-approved for and worked with. If you would like enjoy a high quality affordable certification trainings,  contact us via the contact page or call/text us at 858-722-2421. 

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Occupational Sa
fety & Health Administration (OSHA)
Way Safe is the Elite, CPR, AED, and First Aid training company in Southern California. We are driven to deliver quality emergency training while engaging our students to learn their skills both confidently, safety, and effectively. Our staff includes professional instructors providing the most realistic, hands on training in the industry.

Useful Links
Initial Life Support Foundation
National Association of EMS Educators
American Academy of Pediatrics (Report ID Theft) (Report Dental Malpractice & Fraud) (Report Child Abuse)
Aspiring Firefighters Books designed to help aspiring firefighters reach their goals.
MedlinePlus, U.S. National Library of Medicine, NIH
American Association of Poison Control Centers (800) 222-1222
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
American Lung Association Freedom from Smoking Online
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Legislation and Guideline Links
Individual states childcare regulations and department contact info
California EMSA Website with links to Title 22 and other CA legislation
National Guidelines for First Aid Training in Occupational Settings

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