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CPR Certification Courses
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To Save A Life
Is An Amazing Feeling.

End of The Year
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Until December 31, 2014

CPR Challenge Course
     $20.00 Adult, Child, and Infant 

CPR Re-Certification Course

    $27.00 Adult and Child
    $36.00 Adult, Child, and infant

CPR & AED Re-Certification Course

    $36.00 Adult and Child

CPR, AED, & First Aid Re-Certification Course

    $42.00 Adult, Child, Infant

CPR, AED, & First Aid First Time Certification Course

   $55.00 Adult, Child, and Infant CPR and First Aid

Day Care Providers Course

    $36.00 Infant and Child CPR and First Aid (CA Stickers add $6)
    $55.00 Infant and Child CPR Certification from AHA  

Friends and Family
    $15.00 Adult Child CPR and First Aid
    Non-Certifying Course

Friends and Family CPR & First Aid Trainings:
    $50.00 for a family of 4, 2- 3 hours $10.00 for each additional person ago 10 
    and up  

Individual CPR Course Rates, 1-3 people 

CPR re-certification: $50.00
CPR, AED & First Aid re-certification: $75.00
CPR, AED, & First Aid first-time certification: $100.00

Time required for each course may vary depending on class size
For AHA & ASHI CPR Certifications add 15%

BLS Course For Medical Professional

Approved For Dentists and Other Health Care Providers

All Inclusive Training 
Rates are based on 4 or more people
 _______10% discount for groups of 10+ or more people______ 




We use higher quality training equipment